Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Behind the scenes at the royal wedding: Touching new photo shows Prince Charles and Princess Diana sharing champagne after their marriage. The newly released photograph is part of a collection being auctioned off in Boston next month, August 12, 2015

Princess Diana is seen holding five-year-old Clementine Hambro, her youngest bridesmaid, as the Queen walks by her side

Captivating...This behind-the-scenes shot shows the royal couple stepping out on to the balcony to greet thousands of well-wishers

Stunning...Led by a page boy, Princess Diana carries a young Clementine through Buckingham Palace, the Queen walking by her side

Even in her wedding gown, Princess Diana is able to bend over to set down Clementine as they make their way through the palace

Reception... The newly-married couple stop to speak to their page boys and bridesmaids as the Queen Mother (right) looks on

Tender... Prince Andrew leans down to talk to Clementine as Prince Charles speaks to a page boy (right) and the Princess smiles

Celebration... Wearing a turquoise hat, the Queen is seen in front of a television broadcasting the scenes outside Buckingham Palace

Festivities...Her Majesty is seen in front of a television broadcasting the scenes on the Mall, where thousands of well-wishers gathered

Happy couple... Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured enjoying their wedding reception at Buckingham Palace in July 1981

Iconic.... With thousands of pearls and a 25ft train, Princess Diana's wedding dress is carefully maneuvered into position for an official photograph

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  1. muy bellos los novios almiro muchisimo a Leidi Di me encanta su sencilles ,su Onestidad me encata lo dulce que era ahora ya descansa en Paz