Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Lotus Flower Tiara and Cartier Halo Tiara

In April 2011 for her wedding to Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge wore the Cartier Halo Tiara

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge donned the Lotus Flower tiara with the Queen's borrowed chandelier earrings for the state banquet to welcome the Chinese president in October 2015

Kate caused a sensation in the Lotus Flower Tiara at the state banquet to welcome the Chinese president Xi Jinping in October 2015.  She teamed it with the Queen's diamond chandelier earrings

Kate wore the Lotus Flower tiara to the diplomatic reception in 2013
Princess Margaret wore the Lotus Flower tiara as she was driven from Kensington Palace.  Princess Margaret was so fond of the tiara she often wore it throughout the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, even until the Ninetie


Portrait of Duchess of York - the future Queen Mother - in 1928 wearing the Lotus Flower tiara after it was made by Garrard from a Greek-style necklace given to her by her husband the future George VI

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