Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Princess Madeleine share a picture of her two children Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas of Sweden

Princess Leonore of Sweden was picture of cuteness in jeans, a pink jacket and a matching pair of pink ballerina pumps. The little Princess Leonore had her blonde hair swept out of her face with a sweet bow.

Swedish Princess Madeleine and her eleven months old son Prince Nicolas, was marking her first Mother's Day as a mum-of-two and cradled her growing boy in her arms on May 8, 2016
Princess Leonore of Sweden borrowed her mum, Princess Madeleine’s old dress to wear for the festive holiday in Dec. 2015

Six-month-old Prince Nicolas of Sweden met Santa Claus for the first time in Dec. 2015
Princess Loenore of Sweden in summer of June 2015

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