Thursday, September 14, 2017

Princess Marie of Denmark paid a visit to a laboratory in Copenhagen on September 7, 2017

Princess Marie dons a glittering tiara at her wedding to Prince Joachim of Denmark in 2008.  She became the second wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark in 2008, and since then the couple have had two children - Princess Athena, five, and Prince Henrik, eight.

Princess Marie of Denmark dons full military uniform during a royal visit to a laboratory in Copenhagen. As a working member of the royal family, and a Knight of the Order of the Elephant (R.E.), Princess Marie occasionally wears her military uniform for official engagements.

Princess Marie being shown around DEMA's chemical lab in Copenhagen

Princess Marie of Denmark looked effortlessly elegant in a full military uniform at an engagement in Copenhagen, she added a touch of sparkle with diamond earrings.

Princess Marie of Denmark looked professional and relaxed during the trip. The visit was in celebration of the lab's 50th anniversary. She was surrounded by scientists, she looked the part as she was shown around the lab.

Princess Marie of Denmark, donning a tailored blazer and a peak cap, the Parisian beauty looked fresh faced and even managed to make a tie look glamorous. The Danish Princess was met by other members of the official visit to DEMA’s Chemical Lab in matching attire, in the Danish capital on September 7, 2017.

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